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  • The Art of War (Translated with commentary and an introduction by Lionel Giles)

The Art of War (Translated with commentary and an introduction by Lionel Giles)

The Art of War (Translated with commentary and an introduction by Lionel Giles)

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Product Description Product Description
Although there are many classic treatises on the subject, it may be said that no greater work on the subject of military theory exists than Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” It is certainly one of the oldest known books on the subject having been written some 2500 years ago. Sun Tzu, a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher lived in the second half of the 6th century BC and considered war as a necessary evil that if possible is better to be avoided. In his work, Sun Tzu focused heavily on the strategic planning leading up to warfare, the positioning of military assets, and the economic constraints that define the conflict. Because of this, the lessons of “The Art of War,” have routinely drawn comparisons to the challenges present in other disciplines, including business, politics, and litigation. Sun Tzu’s work has been studied for centuries and the wisdom contained within it continues to be applicable to this day. This edition is translated with commentary and an introduction by Lionel Giles and is printed on premium acid-free paper.
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its not the original as i can tell its been ...its not the original as i can tell its been edited and remixed to someone elses liking or agenda i threw it away!1This is a ~15 page "summary" of the book. ...This is a ~15 page "summary" of the book. Ordered this thinking it was the full text because it doesn't say otherwise in the description.1I didn t really know what to expect.It s a teeny tiny book. U can read it in no time. Talks about 8 chapters or something close to that. Lots of additional details from the author regarding the translation and the life of se or Sun. It s s lot of what today might be considered normal or basic military tactics and principles. Standard reading in some military circles.5Find another version from a reputable publisherLooks like someone printed a PDF I could have found for free online. The book is too wide and tall and the layout, indentation, and general typography are awful.1NOT THE FULL TEXTNOT THE FULL TEXT....these are the cliff notes......product page sucks.1It should say PUBLIC DOMAIN as it is like a copy from someone who took notes off of ...This is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. It should say PUBLIC DOMAIN as it is like a copy from someone who took notes off of someone who took notes who took notes off someone who doesn't even write in the English language! It is woefully abridged (to the max) looks like it was not edited or proofread and I loathe it. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL1Probably the best edition of Sun Tzu available in English - Highly RecommendedThis is a great edition of a classic work. Sun Tzu is read by a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. I frankly detest the idea of reading this for the purposes of excelling in interoffice politics or as a means of defeating your business competition. It is a military manual and ideally will be read as a way of understanding ancient Chinese military strategy. It is a wonderful guide for understanding the nature of warfare and for how modern combat resembles or differs from the combat of two millennia ago. Regardless of one's motives for reading this, it is a fascinating work and Sun Tzu an equally fascinating writer. He means to lay out practical rules that will assist you - assuming that you are the leader of an army - in formulating sound strategy and in avoiding unforced errors. He writes about, for instance, the nine different kinds of campaigns and the different approaches demanded by each. On light terrain, for instance, you should travel quickly, but on rough terrain, you should engage in plunder. Why? Well, the great virtue of light terrain - i.e., terrain that it is easy to travel on - is the ease of travel. Therefore, move quickly while you can. Difficult terrain will keep you from traveling quickly; you therefore should scramble for all of the food and necessities that you can find, because you are not going to make good time and you could easily run out of food. Most of the book consists of pithy little reflections like that. Most are intensely commonsensical, even if they are not something you would instantly grasp.The book, as with all Everyman's Classics, features great front matter. As with all such books, you get a list of recommended reading materials and a Chronology. You also get a list of ancient Chinese dynasties. There is an introduction by the book's translator and a foreword by US General David H. Petraeus, whose name will be familiar to anyone who has followed the news the past decade. The Eleven Traditional Commentaries is included at the back and there are a number of notes by the translator to ease the understanding of the text. All in all, this is one of the best editions of the work that I have seen, equaled only by the Oxford University Press edition, which previously was the sole first rate non-business edition.This edition is part of a somewhat new tradition on the part of Everyman's Library. For a long time Everyman's primarily reprinted translations that were either in the public domain or whose copyright was held by Random House. This meant that most translations came from the nineteenth century. More recently, however, Everyman's has been doing original translations with all original front matter and back matter. As a result, their volumes have begun to take on a degree of scholarly relevance that they didn't previously possess. This tremendously enhances the value of a line of publications that has already been among my favorites. Let me put it bluntly: if Everyman's publishes an edition of a book, that is almost always the edition I would prefer to read. For example, while there are annotated editions of Jane Austen that I prefer to read if I'm trying to glean every possible bit of meaning from the text, if I just want to enjoy PRIDE AND PREJUDICE as a narrative, as a text, then you can't beat Everyman's Library. There is definitely no series of books that are more pleasant to read. The paper is gorgeous: a rich, heavy stock paper that is yellow and does not reflect light, which makes reading easy on the eye. And I love the cloth used to wrap each cover, pale olive green in this case, with a lovely dustjacket with a representation of Sun Tzu on the front. Just very close to the perfect book. I also own a lot of Library of America volumes and I never like reading those volumes like I enjoy reading an Everyman's Library.In short, there are, in my opinion two editions of Sun Tzu worth owning, this one and the edition by Oxford. But I think that this one might get the nod, given that it is more recent, more attractive, and better produced.5Beware! Not full length bookJust received the book. No where in the description does it say it is a shortened version of the book. I feel like I was ripped off1It is a book meant for good.I want to tell future readers of this book in this way. I read it first when I was 14 or 15. I thought it was a book on how to smartly fight a war. Then I re-read it when I was 28 and it occurred to me that it may be an instruction book on how to navigate an honorable life. Years passed and I recently found it at the bottom of a box in my closet. I read it again at age 56. I realized it has more to offer. If you read this book, you will actively have to replace Sun Tzus' ancient terms and placement of hierarchy and apply them to modern situations and people. Family, bosses, neighbors, employees and the list goes on. It is my belief that this "manual" can help solve minor and major disruptions in life if used correctly. It is a book meant for good.5NOT FULL LENGTH!!Only 53 pages.I suppose it's my fault for not reading product details, but I feel like I was shafted... Listing title should be more clear.1
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