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  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Where the Red Fern Grows

Ingram Book & Distributor

Where the Red Fern Grows

Ingram Book & Distributor

Where the Red Fern Grows

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Product Description Product Description

Where the Red Fern Grows is a beloved classic that captures the powerful bond between man and man’s best friend. This edition also includes a special note to readers from Newbery Medal winner and Printz Honor winner Clare Vanderpool.
   Billy has long dreamt of owning not one, but two, dogs. So when he’s finally able to save up enough money for two pups to call his own—Old Dan and Little Ann—he’s ecstatic. It doesn’t matter that times are tough; together they’ll roam the hills of the Ozarks.
   Soon Billy and his hounds become the finest hunting team in the valley. Stories of their great achievements spread throughout the region, and the combination of Old Dan’s brawn, Little Ann’s brains, and Billy’s sheer will seems unbeatable. But tragedy awaits these determined hunters—now friends—and Billy learns that hope can grow out of despair, and that the seeds of the future can come from the scars of the past.
Praise for Where the Red Fern Grows
A Top 100 Children’s Novel, School Library Journal
A Must-Read for Kids 9 to 14, NPR
A Great American Read's Selection (PBS)
Winner of Multiple State Awards

Over 14 million copies in print!

“A rewarding book . . . [with] careful, precise observation, all of it rightly phrased....Very touching.” —The New York Times Book Review
“One of the great classics of children’s literature . . . Any child who doesn’t get to read this beloved and powerfully emotional book has missed out on an important piece of childhood for the last 40-plus years.” —Common Sense Media

“An exciting tale of love and adventure you’ll never forget.” —School Library Journal
“A book of unadorned naturalness.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Written with so much feeling and sentiment that adults as well as children are drawn [in] with a passion.” —Arizona Daily Star
“It’s a story about a young boy and his two hunting dogs and . . . I can’t even go on without getting a little misty.” —The Huffington Post
“We tear up just thinking about it.” —Time on the film adaptation

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Customer Reviews

Excellent read!This story was riveting! We did a road trip with our grandchildren, so we purchased the audio version and listened as we drove. The story kept the constant attention of both children and us as adults. The author has a great ability to paint a picture with his words and the reader for the audio version brought those words to life! There were some pretty graphic portions as fights between animals took place but our grandchildren were not put off by it...they wanted to keep listening. The story opened opportunities for some great conversations. We would love to see the movie made from this book, but honestly, I don't know how the movie could stack up against the book. So many details of the author's descriptions could be lost.5Love this bookI love this book. I have read it a few times since I was a kid and still thoroughly enjoy it. Read it to my family this time around and still to this day get all choked up at the end - so much so that I have trouble reading it aloud. My kids really enjoyed the book, and I'm happy that they had the exposure to a good, clean classic like this one.Wilson Rawls does such a great job of painting a picture with words; I can see all of the events of the book happening as if I was there. His descriptions of everything from the hair on Little Ann to the wind blowing through the old oaks are so complete, you might as well be running along with Billy with an axe and a lantern.Everyone should read this book at least twice.5Abhorred It!I abhorred this book! Billy Colman decides he wants a dog, even though he has a cat, hens...everything I could ever want! He takes up hunting, aka raccoon killing, which is very sad. As I said, this book is very bad. While supposed to be a poignant tale of love and loyalty, I consider this book a novel of bloodthirsty killing of innocent wild animals! The saddest part is when the family moves and leaves their precious kitty, Samie, behind. If you love cats or believe hunting is evil, you should not even touch this book!1A BOY AND HIS DOGSI grew up in North West Arkansas a few miles from where this novel depicts the life of a boy and his dogs. So I lived part of this life. I took my Dad to see the movie and he cried like a baby, saying "this is the story of my life as a 12 year old boy!" Dad and I loved this story and can watch it over and over again. Rest of my family thinks it is too sad, and they don't like sad movies. Truth is they have never bonded with a dog and the out doors. Growing up as a boy, you and your dog(s) are inseparable! Our dogs were not tied up or fenced in. They had a dog house to protect them from the elements. But they never strayed or ran off. They were a part of our family. Dog years are like 10 human years. So you know that your dog is only going to last 7 to 10 years. And then you get another one. They are all special and unique in their own way. And you can never really replace them. But you love them all. If you have several children, and some one asks you which child do you love most, and you reply "all of them!"So you get another dog, and you and that dog bond in a special way. Watching a movie or reading this book floods your memories of all the dogs you have had and the memories of growing up with each of them. Yes you will laugh and cry! But to me it is not sad, just a reminder of happy and care free days growing up!Wilson Rawls is a Cherokee Indian and an excellent story teller.5Just what I remembered. Just what I wanted!I bought this book to try and bring back an old time classic family tradition. I have 4 sons that are 13, 11, 6 and 2 years old. I wanted to recreate a lost tradition from the past by reading a story to my children on Sunday nights. With all the ipods, ipads, xboxes and PS3's and other "stuff" I felt like families easily drift apart. So I called everyone to the living room just last night and told them to put their "toys" away and be quiet. I began reading this old story that I love so much. At first I was greeted with yawns and poking one another but after about 10 minutes or so the boys were quiet. Next thing I knew I had read for an hour and was calling it quits after chapter 4. The kids began PLEADING with me to read one more chapter. I caved and read one more chapter. They pleaded at the end of that chapter to read one more chapter again but this time I wanted to leave them hanging and simply said, "next Sunday." This story is such a great story about a boy and his dream of owning hound dogs and becoming a hunter. IT's a wonderful reminder of how little in life we really need and how much love we can have for the very little and small things in life. It expresses what hard work and determination will get you if you dream big and then work hard for it and maybe ask for a little help from God. I am so happy I bought this book. It is a priceless addition to our bookshelf at home.5Coming of Age StoryWhere the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson RawlsComing of age & adventure story.4 1/2 stars, 5 possible*****Spoilers*****This is a sweet coming of age story, Ten year old Billy becomes infected with the desire to own not one, but two dogs. Every single night Billy dreams about owning two coon dogs, no boy could want them more than him. His heart is torn because he is a very poor farm boy in the Ozarks and two coon dogs cost $50, which is out of reach for his father. Nightly Billy would cry himself to sleep and then his heart aches as he awakes each morning.At eleven years old Billy came up with a way to get his coon dogs, he would earn the money himself. Billy found all kinds of ways to earn a few cents here and there from running errands, selling berries, minnows to fishermen as well as trapping and selling furs. After two years Billy earned enough money to buy his hounds. Billy trains the two pups and names them Old Dan and Little Ann, learning that Old Dan had the brawn & Little Ann has the brains. Together they roam the hills of the Ozarks hunting coon and their mischievous tricks to try to get away.4Timeless story of a boy and a dogWilson Rawls classic, timeless story of a young boy s coming-of-age is heartbreaking, sentimental, and utterly charming. An ode to love, family and the beauty of nature. Set in the Ozarks, northeastern Oklahoma, Billy wants nothing more than to have a puppy, or to be more specific, two puppies. He wants to train them for hunting, although his mother has forbidden him to use or own a gun until he is 21 or older. For two years he waits, collecting enough money doing whatever jobs he can, he finally raises enough for two puppies who are delivered via train to the town closest to where he lives."I knelt down and gathered them into my arms. I buried my face between their wiggling bodies and cried. The stationmaster, sensing something more than two dogs and a boy, waited in silence."My Dad didn t grow up in the Ozarks, but he trapped animals as a young boy to raise money for a dog. Selling skins to Sears Roebuck & Co. was enough then to fulfill that dream and then later to get him enough money to fly enough hours to be conscripted (after being declared 4F) to train pilots at Americus, Georgia. When he was able to return to being a civilian pilot, the first thing he did with the money he saved was to buy another dog. On multiple levels, I felt this story to be so close to my father s, both coming from rural, impoverished areas. Men, said Mr. Kyle, people have been trying to understand dogs ever since the beginning of time. One never knows what they ll do. You can read every day where a dog saved the life of a drowning child, or lay down his life for his master. Some people call this loyalty. I don t. I may be wrong, but I call it love the deepest kind of love. This is such a wonderful story; I highly recommend you read it. Re-read it, if you read it as a child.5Most amazing readWhen I was in the 5th grade I read this book as a class project. My son's are in the 5th and needed a book .Where The Red Fern Grows will take you on a journey with a boy and his two dogs Big Dan and Little Ann you won't soon forget! From leaving home to fetch his pups ,to hunting in the Ozarks, this boys journey will have you yearning for your youth, Wishing for simpler times, and feeling emotional. You'll not want to put this down till you've finished it. I would recommend this for 4th grade to any age there after. This is a book you keep and cherish.5A vivid story about love, faith, grit, and sacrificeMy fifth grade teacher read Where the Red Fern Grows to my class thirty years ago. I just read it again at forty. The storytelling is direct, but vivid. This short novel will transport young readers to a time and place as other-worldly, and magical as any of today's popular children's fiction. The ending is deeply emotional, of course. I'm no child psychologist, but I know it taught ten year old me something valuable. I am glad I experienced it then, and again today.5Adventurous and intenseSomehow I never read this book as a child. I wish I had, so I could compare how it affected me then versus now as a grandma. The story is active and intense, with fantastically detailed descriptions of Billy's adventures with his dogs. I think only an author who grew up in the mountains and experienced nighttime hunting and an untethered freedom to roam, as Billy - and Wilson Rawls - did, could have written this book. In some senses, the story is dated, both because it was published in 1961 and because the setting is an isolated farm in the Ozarks around 1920. For example, "womenfolk" are regarded as opaque and overly emotional (Billy's three sisters aren't even named in the book, though they play a role). Animals are often considered dispensable, and the repeated descriptions of coon hunting and coon killing are gory (and the family cat's injuries are ridiculed). Personal grief is something to ignore or to rebound from quickly. However, the book seems true to its time and place, and in any historical fiction the world will be different from our own. Anyone who's loved a dog will relate to Billy's deep bond with his hounds. I enjoyed the adventure, and I savored Billy's astonishing descriptions of his life with Old Dan and Little Ann.5
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